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Machining of oil and gas, semiconductors, optical products, aerospace components, medical parts etc.. Fabrication and sub assembly of the oil and gas products.

About Us

V.S PRECISION believes that having a close partnership with our customers is the absolute fundamental in providing a complete solution of pin point precision from design and prototyping to manufacturing and assembly.

When you discover us, you'll find a company ready and capable to deliver a variety of engineering and construction services, with a system focused on efficiency, communication and quality control. We take pride in giving our total commitment to customer satisfaction through excellent service, timely response and delivery.

With increasing productivity, forward looking management team, strict quality standards and sophisticated manufacturing technologies, we are able to consistently meet the individual requirements of our demanding clientele, locally and internationally.

Our Capabilities

V.S PRECISION has the technical expertise and is equipped with sophisticated machinery to deliver a project from concept, prototype to production. We are capable of in-house designs, fabrication as well as assembly of metal and plastic precision components, automation machines, jigs and fixtures.

Unsung heroes, our QA team...
V.S PRECISION has total commitment to customer satisfaction is monitored and supported by our QA department. Equipped with experience and qualified QA personnel, the team manages the company’s quality system, maintains the equipment calibration system and is dedicated to the overall management of the quality system. The QA department helps to ensure that consistency is exercised across all levels of design and production. Hence you can be rest assured that whatever you ask for is what you get.

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Our Process

We believe that agility cannot be achieved without an open mind!

Professional support

Having a professional support means to us that we will be hand in hand with our customers at every step of the project; it means openness to evolving projects and immediately responding to any changes and unexpected occurrences.

Information flow

We work on systems that increase our efficiency and allow us to effectively implement a number of projects simultaneously.


Implementing complex projects for customers from the POS industry, we have learned to work with agility, and to optimize our production processes. We are capable of designing and producing proprietary equipment that facilitates production, smoothly retooling machinery, creating designs at our prototyping shop, and introducing changes to the project on the run.  

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